Monday, May 24, 2010

A brand new item in my shop!

A bib. A bib seems like such an easy thing to do, and really it was, although it took me almost a week to complete it. Working with the dimensions, and figuring out where to place stuff, not to mention my kids... BUT, I'm finally done with it and I LOVE it! It came out better than I was expecting and I'm super thrilled to add it to Simply Trendy on Etsy!

This BIB is so awesome because;

1) It is big! It will fit an infant and because it has two sets of snaps, it will grow with your child and fit them into toddler-hood! It fits my 18 month old great AND my 4 year old! The bib measures 10" wide x 15" tall.

2) It is fully customizable! You can choose the fabric you'd like from the Chenille side to the tie! You can check out fabric choices here: Facebook album OR my Photobucket album Chenille choices are: White, Vanilla, Pink and Light Blue!

3) It's nice and soft!

4) Because it has two sides that are decorated you can match it to outfits or settings. For example, the tie side would look cute for an infant to be crawling around wearing, looking like he's wearing a tie! And the other side has their name, and personalized items are always a hit! The neck tie is hand appliqued onto the bib, and the name is machine appliqued onto the bib.


  1. That's great, Jai! And you hand applique the tie on!? Way to go!