Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jayden's Blanket!

So over the weekend my mom had a baby shower to go to. She has so much faith in me. Much more than I have in myself! She asked me to make a customized baby blanket for her to give as part of the shower gift. I happily made one and loved the way it came out so decided to make one for my son, Jayden. Jayden LOVES blankets! He's got about six in his crib at any given time that he cuddles up with.

I decided to try something new with his, since it wouldn't be that big of a deal if I messed it up. :P I love the way it turned out, and so does he! I handed it to him and he "aww"ed at it, and hugged it while resting his face right smack in the middle of the blanket. <3

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thanks to a GREAT friend!!

Kim at designed my Etsy shop banner for me and I LOVE it!! Seriously, LOVE it!! I had no idea what I wanted, and told her some colors that I liked and she came up with the perfect design.

Thank you SO much, Kim!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome to Simply Trendy!!

Hello Everyone!!

Today, I started my new shop- Simply Trendy. I had a shop under another name-- Lollipop Kids Shop, but after a lot of thinking I decided it would be best to close that shop and open new... BECAUSE-- I am going to specialize in more than children's apparel! YAY!! I love making children's clothes, mostly because it's so close to home for me, but I have recently started to enjoy making adult clothing, and other items such as business card holders, wall hangings, radio face cases- pretty much whatever I CAN. And because I wanted to start selling these items, I thought it would be best to have a shop name that's more "friendly" to everyone, and not pointing to one specific group.

So, starting today- April 1st, Simply Trendy is in business!! I thank you for checking out my store, and my blog and would like to invite you to check out my Facebook fan page as well. If you decide to "become a fan" you will be the first to see sneak peeks at new items, special sales and much more!

Heres a link to my FB page: Simply Trendy FB page

And a link to my Etsy store: Simply Trendy on Etsy